It is very dangerous nowadays to be on media nowadays. There are many types of scammers and untrusted sellers everywhere. Honestly, it is weird that these people have the time to use all these beneficial platforms to lie and scam people for their money. Although these things have been warned and awareness has been spread around, yet people still get scam still especially on media. That is why it is very important to know what kind of scammer websites exist around us, so we can avoid being scammed and being lied to. Normally if we go to the police stations and make a report about it, the police will definitely dig into the case, but usually, it would take a long time for them to find the responsible man behind it. Thus, let us get into more details about what types of scammer websites we have around us on the Internet.

The first type of scammer website is a casino website. Casino website can be found anywhere including an advertisement through social media. Furthermore, the casino website also consists of gambling and slot games that can attract wagers and gamblers to stay on their website and play games. Over time, once they have gotten a lot of money, they will want to withdraw the money from the website. Normally the website scammer will ask for your details in order to the transactions of the winning money. That is how scammers get all your personal details and can adsorb your money from your bank account.

Another type of scammer website is the trading stocks website. People who would go to this kind of website are the people who would want to do side jobs and get extra money. That desperation to get more money attracts them to this kind of website. The same technique to scam people is the same one as other scammer websites by asking for their details such as bank accounts, address, etc. Nevertheless, there is still a trusted forex trading website Malaysia that you can look into. These people who use forex website Malaysia have friends who are mostly top 100 forex trader Malaysia. lowest forex spreads Malaysia is nice to have guidance and lessons from someone with skills and experiences.

Last but as important is the bank website. Surprisingly there are many scammers that have website development as same as the official bank you find around us that consist the same of content. Once you try to log in to the website, they can easily get your details by your username and password. That is why it is very important for you to check the URL address of the bank you are using to make sure that you are on a secured site.

In summary, the scammers are very dangerous. Even without having the websites, scammers are still able to scam people and take their money even with phone calls. For example, they will call your number and say that one of your family members just got into an accident, and in order to go through with operations, they would need your details. Therefore, it is very important to be careful with whom we give our details.