Malaysia proves to be a wondrous escape for holiday goers. Not only is the city life vibrant, but even places far from the urban area are bursting with life. Outdoor tourism in Malaysia provides a plethora of activities whether one decides to visit the city or its famous islands ( like Langkawi and Penang)– the options are limitless.  There are numerous ways to spend the day with your friends or family at some of the best holiday destinations in the country. 

The adventures begin in the city of Kuala Lumpur where you can go site-seeing and visit the world-famous Petronas Towers or the Batu Caves in Selangor. Visitors who enjoy the occasional stroll down moments in history may be attracted to the historic city of Malacca which offers many monuments and buildings from pre-colonial and colonial times.

No trip is complete without the taste foreign cuisine. The city is bursting with different flavours in meals like nasi lemak and fruits such as durian that are unique to the tastebuds of first-time consumers. Try the local cuisine at different mamaks or restaurants that serve spicy traditional dishes. 

If you opt to retreat from the city and gravitate toward a relaxed, slow-paced weekend surrounded by the seas, tourist services offer a range of activities from hiking and camping, to swimming with dolphins and scuba diving Malaysia to seeing coral reefs in Kapalai or Redang. You can even earn a scuba diving license if you would like to become a professional diver and want to turn your passion into a profession for reasonable rates. Snorkelling is also an option for water lovers and, depending on the area, some services may offer exciting jet skiing or turtle-feeding. It all comes down to what you and your travel mates want out of your adventure. 

scuba diving Malaysia

Island hopping is a popular activity in Langkawi and Perhentian, where a speedboat takes you from island to island on the expanse of blue sea. It is often offered during the day, particularly midmorning, when it is not too hot to venture out to the water. It is also an opportunity to do some eagle-watching for bird-lovers. 

Some places such as the Cameroon Highlands in Pahang offer a different kind of destination and invite guests to try strawberry picking at the strawberry farms. There are several places that offers attractions for a relaxed get-away in the Cameroon Highlands, including their teas estates and Lavender Garden. You are only limited by your budget and the duration of your stay!

Malaysia offers a diverse spectrum of activities for its tourists. The decision lies in your  hands to decide the kind of holiday you want and what side of Malaysia you wish to experience. As demonstrated, the city life, the country life and the seaside are all individual experiences, but they certainly attempt to give you the best memories of your stay in Malaysia.