Ordering Systems

What really is ordering systems? Contactless ordering system for restaurant Malaysia, is that good? Variety of ordering systems for the customer that applied for the restaurant. For old systems that still apply until today a person or worker in that restaurant comes to you and asks what menu you want. They will bring a paper menu to you and when you are ready to order the person will come to the table. Nowadays the ordering system is not like that because it changed to just a contactless ordering system. So it was easier and faster because you just ordered it online. They just need to scan the qr code for the menu and you can just order it with your phone. 

What’s the good thing with a contactless ordering system? 

Contactless ordering system for restaurant Malaysia, is the best ordering system. First thing is good for the introvert who is not that good at socializing with other people. For them, the contactless ordering system for restaurant Malaysia, gives them a big convenience for them. An Introverted person is the one that wants to avoid socializing with other people as much as they can. If contactless ordering system in every restaurant it will be the best for them and no need to talk to person. 

Another good thing is it will be very fast for both customers and the workers there. Customers can already order, no need to wait for the waiter to come and take orders. Workers also can be ready to cook and there is no need to waste their time. Next it can reduce the use of the used paper menu, so it can save trees from making the paper. The reason is when we use the contactless ordering system , we will just use phones with no paper needed. https://www.paly.my/the-advantages-of-sap-in-the-company/

BigPOS, what is that? 

This company gives modern solutions for the restaurant, to get a good point of sale and to widen their restaurant. There still are restaurants that still use the old style for their business that actually do not give a good point of sale. Other people in this modern life do not see restaurants like this. For them, the old system just inconvenienced them, for example like paying with cash. Meanwhile people nowadays prefer online banking or just scan qr to pay it online. BigPOS will guide and provide more solutions for the restaurants that need their service. 
They have many solutions like retail, small business and food and beverage. Contactless ordering system for restaurant Malaysia, more focus on food and beverage. One of the solutions that they give for the restaurant is a modern QR menu ordering system. It was the same with the contactless ordering system because you just need to sit at your table and scan qr code, after that you can order it. There is no need to wait for the waiter to take your order or you must go to the counter. It will be faster for you because there is no need to line up to get orders. Some restaurants like KFC and MCDonalds use kiosks to take orders, that is also one of the good things that we have. In Malaysia, we should multiply this contactless ordering system for the benefit of the community.