airtight containers

Being asked to stay at home is indeed difficult. On the one hand, it does make you more familiar with other family members at home, but of course you are incredibly bored. Sometimes, snacking or even eating big becomes an escape. Even though you can still order food through a delivery service, you still get bored, right, and miss home cooking. Considering that the food ingredients are starting to get a little difficult, it’s better to prepare a few more home-cooked meals, then store them in the freezer. So that you can cook it yourself, here are 17 home-cooked dishes that are durable and can be stored for a long time. 

1. Balado eggs

Eggs are indeed a mandatory staple in the house. When at home there is minimal food and confused about what to eat, eggs are often a savior. In order not to get bored with omelette or eggs with beef eyes, prepare balado eggs. To make it more durable, separate the eggs with the balado sauce. Starting from washing the eggs, then boiled until cooked, and store the eggs in the refrigerator. While the sambal balado must be stored in closed airtight containers and then put in the freezer. Heat and mix the chili sauce with the eggs before eating. You can store these balado eggs for a week. 

2. Empal Gepuk

Cooking empal gepuk is very easy. Because the process of cooking with spices is quite long, the spices seep into. It will definitely be a dish that is hard to forget. Empal can also be stored for a long time. Place in a closed container and store in the refrigerator or freezer. Empal can last up to 10 days. 

3. Oyster sauce prawns

The right mix of spices makes the oyster sauce look so tempting for this shrimp dish. Just prepare fresh prawns so that this menu looks perfectly delicious. If you intend to save it, don’t mix the prawns with the sauce right away, so cook them separately. Peel the prawns and clean, then marinate with salt, ginger, and ground pepper. Let stand for 30 minutes then saute. You can also use instant oyster sauce as a seasoning for shrimp. 

4. Healthy chicken nuggets

Compared to buying packaged foods that contain more MSG nutrition than vitamins needed by children, it’s better if you make your own. Just like packaged nuggets, homemade nuggets are also durable. Nuggets can even be frozen and stored for a month.

5. Beef Rendang

This home-cooked dish has always been an idol, because it is always appropriate to be served at any time. Rendang is also a durable food, and the more often it is heated, the tastier it becomes. You can make dry rendang and store it for a month if you keep it in the freezer. 

6. Jerky Balado

Just like rendang, this home-cooked beef jerky balado can last for more than three weeks. In fact, it will still taste good without you putting it in the refrigerator, as long as it is stored in a tightly closed and airtight container. Separate the beef jerky from the sambal balado to prevent the meat from being tough and mushy. 

airtight containers