Getting into med school would definitely be a dream of many students. Doctor is indeed a reputable job that works closely in diagnosing and restoring medical problems of patients. It is truly a demanding job as medical professionals are needed in so many areas. Not only as a practitioner but also as a tutor in a medical institution. But many of us out there are probably indecisive to take up or leave the course as it has its advantages and disadvantages on its own. Becoming a doctor is a lot, you are equipping yourself with tons of information and knowledge that needs to be put to practice. It’s like you are becoming a whole new person that people will trust you with and saving people’s life might just be your full time job. 

Let’s look at the brighter side of becoming a doctor and the things that make a doctor worth its studies.

medicine degree Malaysia
  1. Top Tier Satisfying Job

Everyone knows that doctors play a huge part in society. They help people in enriching their lives for the betterment. The families of people involved would also be enriched as well. Not only that we get to help others, as doctors they are able to create a personal connection with the patients. You get a sense of fulfillment in helping those in need

  1. Able To Build Yourself Into Becoming Stronger Individual

Doctor profession is mentally challenging and requires a lot of hard work in order to excel. In the process of becoming doctors yourself, you tend to become much more resilient especially in handling stressful situations like emergencies and deaths. It sorts of teaches you to be mentally strong. 

  1. Hefty Pay 

Fresh graduates may expect salaries ranging from RM3000 up to RM3500. Upon completing housemanship, doctors are paid an average of RM4000 and this sum will significantly increase throughout the years. Specialists and surgeons on the other hand would be paid around RM15000 up to RM50000 based on their field of expertise. It certainly is a job that offers higher pay especially in private sectors. 

However it isn’t always about the white coats and expensive cars.

Medical degree does come with its disadvantages on its own.

  1. Financial Aspect

Although doctors earn a handsome amount of money, the process of becoming a doctor is definitely not cheap. Medicine degree in Malaysia costs about RM 55000 per year (tuition fee) and this sum is exclusive of other expenses like accommodation and test equipment. If you are planning to attain your medical degree overseas then probably you would need to find a way to secure an education loan. By the time you finish your med school, your shoulders will already be heavy with an education loan which you would need to work for a lifetime to settle. 

  1. Odd Working Hours

Forget fancy 9-5 working hours if you want to become a doctor because you would need to cover several shifts and sometimes it would go up to 12- hours a day. Most doctors work 40 hours a week. Things would get more tiring if you have to work closely in emergency departments. Sometimes doctors won’t even have time to sit and have their meals in peace as they are always on a run. They often feel stressed because they overwork which causes burnout among themselves.

medicine degree Malaysia

Doctor is definitely a job that has both pros and cons. You’ve got to consider and arrange the aspects according to your preference. Do consider both aspects and seek help before making a decision. Now you tell me, do you think a medical degree is worth it ?