What is actually the academy of family physician in Malaysia? Family physician is some courses that already achieve universal health coverage from their scope of work. For the student that studies in the course has an unique knowledge skill and also attitude. They will treat or do some medical care to each member of the family. In this course they do not focus on just one patient but all the family members need to take care. For people, the academy of family physician in Malaysia is also one of the front lines to manage some chronic diseases, women’s healthcare, family planning and more. 

RCSI and UCD Malaysia Campus have offered this course for the one that wants to learn more about it. MInTFM is the short form for this course and it was supported by the nation. Their goal is to have 8000 more specialists in this course and want to train them to be good doctors in this field. In RSCI and UCD they will give the highest quality doctor that will graduate and will take care of individuals and families in the community. 

Components of MInTFM 

Training Clinic 

The Family Physician trainee gets located at some clinic and has their own supervisor that will take care of them. They must need training because it is one important component to be a good Family Physician. That is why RSCI and UCD give a high quality of training clinic for the students under them. Students will also learn to appreciate some demand of Family Medicine. They also know how to differentiate what is from hospital practice or not. To get assistance is not easy to get so you need to be glad whatever that they will get. 

The substantiates to keep primary care and it was a really high standard of care. Being a Family Physician the must thing is to follow the principles well. In this medical field, following the instructions and sticking to time is an important thing to being well. The relationship between a trainer and another trainer can be a bond. In the future there is no need to worry about trusting each other because we already know each other’s way of work. The relationship will be good in future, they can have a good chemistry in work after they graduate. 

Hospital Component

In the first two years in universities, the student will take place in a hospital setting and under direction of the Training Scheme. Before they get a job after graduating, they already experience hospital life. This experience can apply in their future job either in Malaysia or another country. That was one reason why the hospital component will be in the list of the important components for MInTFM. For this they have some requirements, a broad range of experience at least four to six different disciplines that will relate to Family Medicine. So they need this experience to get into the hospital components. This will give the student no culture shock if they will be in some hospital in future. They will be smart enough to handle the hospital life in future.