Do you often make purchases purely for the purchase, no matter how costly the item is? How about when you don’t actually need them? But you can’t break your spending habit and hence can’t put money up for the future? If so, you’re clearly a big spender, and endowment insurance was intended for you. 

Read more to know how to invest in endowment insurance policy Malaysia.

Understanding What Is Endowment Insurance

An endowment policy is simply a life insurance policy which, apart from covering the life of the covered, enables the insurer to save regularly over a set period of time so that the insurer is able to obtain a lump sum payment on the policy fulfillment in case they endures the policy term. It follows that “any life insurance plan with a saving component and lump sum maturity benefit can be labelled an endowment plan.”

Therefore, endowment plans satisfy the objectives of life insurance and long-term savings. They are a common type of life insurance in Malaysia and AmMetLife is just the one for you!

There are two primary types of endowment policies: those that generate a profit and those that do not. You’ll find a wide variety of endowment plans under these two broad categories, each tailored to a specific goal like saving for college, protecting your family for life, or providing you with a retirement income.

Having mastered the basics, let’s dive into selecting the ideal endowment insurance plan for you and your loved ones.

Who Might Benefit From Having An Endowment Policy?

Experts recommend endowment plans for persons who have a steady income and may eventually need a large sum of money. 

The regulated savings path offered by endowment plans may come in handy in times of crisis. In order for you to ensure your long-term financial security, this strategy is ideal for wage earners, small business owners, and professionals like medical technicians and auditing clerks.

Endowment plans are also a good option for those who are conservative and would rather earn a lower rate of return than take any chances. That’s why, unlike other types of investment platforms, endowment plans are aimed squarely at the middle class rather than the exceedingly rich.

Those who are only focused on life insurance and not the savings aspect should select a term policy. This is due to the fact that term plans are both more affordable and easier to comprehend than endowment plans, the latter of which can be confusing and provide less coverage for the same price.

invest in endowment insurance policy Malaysia

When Is It A Good Time To Invest In An Endowment Plan?

Every person has different investment requirements based on their current and future financial obligations. As a result, people should invest in endowment plans for three reasons:

  • To safeguard their loved ones financially
  • To reach a specific financial goal
  • To accumulate sufficient funds to realize their long-term investment aims

However, you should only consider purchasing a regular premium plan if you have a stable source of income from which to pay the premiums on a consistent basis. Since an endowment is designed to last for a long period of time and produce positive returns, it is a wise investment strategy. 

Questions To Ask Before Purchasing An Endowment Policy

Similarly to the availability of other insurance options, endowment policies can be widely available nowadays. A person’s life stage, specific needs, income, and tolerance for risk are only a few of the aspects that should be considered when looking for an appropriate policy.

You should also look into the companies’ past performance. Endowment plans, often provide a lower rate of return but are more reliable over the long term. Buyers should be aware of the bonus amount granted by the insurance, as return rates are a major consideration when selecting how to spend savings.

Other items to consider are the insurance provider’s track record, financial stability, claim settlement rate, and customer care.


A straightforward and convenient endowment plan is the best option for maximizing the benefits of the plan’s advantages. With these considerations in mind, you’ll be able to select the best Endowment Plan for your needs.