Everything changes, evolving into different forms, you, me, and them will one day become a newer, unique version. Lab furniture is not an exception with lab furniture manufacturers Malaysia catching up with the design trends. Most evolutions thrive for the better of the original foundation, thus the coming trends that lab furniture manufacturers in Malaysia are also aiming for a better version. Aligning with the hybrid work culture, flexibility and green-friendly designs. 

Here are some of the upcoming trends for lab furniture assembly. 

More flexible

labs items are movable and could serve many purposes

Flexibility is king as it moves the work ahead of time by creating a safe, and convenient workspace for everyone. Through that, forming foundations for inspiration, creative methods, and ideas. Laboratory items are now being developed to be flexible, movable, and configurable, as a result, scientists could freely rearrange and combine lab elements to create space to adapt to any kind of experiments, research, and developments,… 

This generates an economic workstation as limited space is not limited in the amount and possibilities of function. Speeding up the process and facilitating robust breakthroughs, since this downscales any interruptions during the process. For example, a food chemistry lab could easily switch to a plastic industrial lab, and so on.  

Moreover, a flexible workspace could even widen up the work area and collaborating environment by equipping systems of sliding doors and walls. Forming meeting halls, experiments, test space, and resting rooms… 

Cloud-based and open for collaboration

Spaces are now interconnected not only by the creation of sliding doors allowing for a widening of rooms and space but also by the application of the internet. More specific would be the cloud-based workspace, open chances for a hybrid working culture that a scientist in an online workspace could also be as productive as a scientist in the laboratory. Advanced lab furniture manufacturers in Malaysia could now deliver that kind of collaboration effectively, a good sign. 

A synergized system of computers, projectors, microphones, and an information base… could painlessly achieve that. 


open lab

Climate change and global warming are hot keywords of the recent decades with their frequent appearance on TV, news, and in debates. Thus why, laboratories, and scientists’ creative hubs need also to keep up with the phenomenon, especially when they are the ones warned and coming up with the most solutions and preventions against global warming. 

A rising wave of lab furniture is developed with a function-intensive ready-to-join battle among users’ daily, monthly, and even yearly tasks. This type of green chemistry aims for waste cutback and forms a “full lifecycle” of lab supplies, lab furniture outlets are running on catching up with this goal of a “sustainable circle” of materials. Creating a wave of multi-functional and energy-efficient laboratories around the world. 

Aforementioned are the coming trends of modern lab furniture designs that you should keep in mind for a productive and effective working progress.