In this 21st century, we basically can’t do anything at all without the internet connection. The reliability of internet connection is extremely important as people can’t even function without it. Try terminating the internet connection for 30 mins and see how people in the room go crazy about it, that is how people are dependent on it. The reliance towards wifi or internet connection in general has increased after the global pandemic outbreak. People have to carry on with their studies and work entirely online. Students attend lectures online while working adults are urged to work from home. Because the need for internet connectivity is needed for everyone in everything they do, people get irritated when there are problems in the network that does not allow the access to use wifi or other internet connection. Let’s find out some of the common network issues that take place and how to rectify it. 

Common network issues 

  1. Physical connectivity issues 

Physical connectivity problems might cause a network connection to abruptly terminate. When a network cable is damaged or becomes loose per say, it is frequently an issue. A switch may have cables added or withdrawn, and one of the other cables may unintentionally get detached. Another situation that could possibly cause physical connectivity issues is when a cable gets damaged while being pulled around a sharp edge. The harm should be obvious from the impacted network section. However, it could take some effort to locate the issue along a cable that runs over the ceiling. For this you are advised to not place wifi in an area where people are frequently walking as people may tend to step on the wires resulting in damage of the wires. You could also use a protective wiring case to protect your wifi cable from being damaged

  1. Weak Wifi signal 

One of the major reasons why one may encounter weak signals is while rearranging your work space or the space where the wifi modem is placed. Sometimes the previous place where the wifi modem was placed could probably have the best signal strength allowing it to function but since it is moved around the connectivity isn’t that strong. The blockage of the Wifi signal could also result in weak signal. For example if you place a metal object that is large enough to cover the wifi modem, then chances for the signal to be abrupt are high. Avoid placing your wifi modem  over the microwave oven, beside the oven or on top of television. This could possibly disrupt its functionality. 

  1. Slow network 

There could be many reasons why the network is slow. The prime reason would definitely be the rain. All of us know how bad the line can turn when it starts raining. I know how frustrating it can get when your connection is disrupted. Besides, a failing switch port could contribute to the network issue as it may cause traffic to route overload. Sometimes a network that is used for a larger scope of organizational work could result in the slowing responses. You can see that the speed would significantly reduce. For this, investing in a good quality wifi package would be beneficial. Unifi is now offering a wide range of packages that you could choose from. Especially the unifi 300mbps package Jom Apply would be just what you are looking for as it is able to withstand larger network and avoid possible lagging problems