You may anticipate a lot while you’re pregnant. Your body will adjust to fit the growing kid inside of you. Every time you smell anything that the baby doesn’t like, you could occasionally feel sick. This happens to some people even when they consume their favourite foods. This is why you could completely switch to a new diet. However, you should be ready for the baby’s delivery. Make sure your infant receives the optimal amount of breast milk. You must manage your food and be ready to utilise a breast pump in order to do this. There are a few types of breast pumps, electric breast pump, manual breast pump and silicone breast pump malaysia

Silicone Breast Pump

silicone breast pump malaysia

These breast pumps are categorised among other manual, non-electric ones. They have a one-piece body made entirely of silicone. There are currently other brands with comparable designs available on the market. These pumps are simple to use, maintain, and store, making them useful for many moms in a variety of settings and for a variety of requirements. Milk that would have previously been lost in a nursing pad is frequently captured with this pump. This breast pump uses suction to get milk out of the breast. The product’s purpose is to extract the milk by applying suction to stimulate it. This is not one of the items that are made with the simple intention of collecting breastmilk from a letdown reflex.

It is also used when you feed your baby on your other nipple. So, you can pump your milk simultaneously. That is why they say it catches the milk from the nursing pad. 

Electric Breast Pump

silicone breast pump malaysia

Electric breast pumps can be powered by a battery or an electrical outlet. They are available in versions with single or double breast expressing options. You produce the suction by placing the cup over your breast, which frees up one hand to perform other duties or simply serves as a nice excuse to unwind.

For women who express frequently, an electric pump is the best option since it is quicker than a manual pump, allowing you to express and store more breastmilk in less time. This is also perfect for working mothers who need to express themselves but may only have a short amount of time. If you have trouble eliciting the let-down reflex, electric pumps may be a better option as they offer stronger suction.

You can use an electric breast pump while you are taking a nap in between your chores. It helps you to have a rest from taking care of your baby. We all know raising a baby is very hard and it is important to help yourself too. Buying an electric breast pump is one way to take care of yourself while feeding your baby.