Did you know in this modern world, everything is easily misused, manipulated and scammed. Like it is easier to get scammed rather than staying safe. Even if you are an art student, you need to know how to protect yourselves from this danger. 

According to the Malaysian government particularly in according to MyIPO, here is the some of the works that are eligible for protections under the Intellectual Property protection: 

  • Literary works;
  • Musical works;
  • Artwork;
  • Film (short films as well);
  • Sound recording;
  • Broadcast; and
  • Published works

Copyright Protection in Malaysia

All of the works stated above are protected under the Copyright Protection in Malaysia based on the Copyright Act enforced in the year of 1987. The works created are protected regardless of the quality and purpose for which the works were produced. Yes, no matter whether it is just for a ringtone, for instance. 

However, this copyright protection is a bit tricky and complicated. Copyright materials can be under the impression of the expression of an idea and not to the idea, procedure, method of operation or abstract or mathematical concept.  In Malaysia, art law is not something that is always updated or actively discussed so the matter regarding this is pretty complicated. More improvement should be done soon.

Let’s Talk About Moral Rights

Paternity Rights

This right gives the powers to allow authors to be identified and claim the originality of their creations as their. 

Integrity Right 

This right allows the author to stay in charge of the works by preventing any user from using the work under misrepresentation, mutilation or other modification of his work where the result of significant modification would alter the original work and affect the honor or reputation of the creator.

What Is The Copyright Act of 1987? 

In Bahasa Melayu, the Copyright Act of 1987 is called Akta Hak Cipta 1987. To ensure that the facts are right, here are some of the explanations that the government has said regarding the Copyright Act of 1987. This is stated by the MyIPO or Intellectual Property Corporation of Malaysia. Under this act, anyone who uses a copyrighted work without the author’s, copyright owner’s, or perpetrator’s permission violates the Copyright Act of 1987. Secondly, among the acts of copyright infringement entails from: 

  • the reproduction of any copyrighted work in any form of material through screening, game show, or distribution to the public, 
  • the importation of infringing copies of copyrighted works into Malaysia for purposes other than permitted private use;
  • the making of infringing copies of copyrighted works for the purpose of sale or rental to the public; 
  • and the sale, rental, and distribution of any infringing copies of copyrighted works through trade, disclosure, and offer for sale or rental;
  • possess infringing copies for commercial purposes other than permitted private use;
  • exhibiting infringing copies of copyrighted works for commercial purposes to the public

This is some of the basic information that we need to know regarding art laws. If you are an art student, you need to know this before embarking on the journey in freelancing or starting to work in the art industry. You have to remember that the art industry is not all about glamour and creativity.  Here is the best arbitration proceedings for you.