Cybercrime, network problems, electrical or material failure, natural disasters, there are many incidents that can affect the information system.

A PRA, acronym for Business Recovery Plan and a PCA, acronym for Business Continuity Plan, are company procedures aimed at implementing all the processes, human, material and technological resources to enable a company to face a major IT disaster and resume normal activity as soon as possible. The notion of “major computer disaster” can vary greatly from one company to another. You can check out Unifi Malaysia today and opt for the best plan.

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Setting up a BCP (Business Continuity Plan) or PRA (Return to Activity Plan) limits the impacts associated with a temporary business interruption (financial and legal, as well as in terms of customer satisfaction).

What is the resilience of an infrastructure?

In IT, resilience refers to the ability of an IT system to continue to function  in the event of a failure, incident, hack or peak in activity.

How do you measure the performance of an infrastructure?

Computing capacity

The computational capacity of a computer system refers to the speed at which it is able to process a certain volume of data and perform different complex operations in parallel with each other.

Memory capacity and speed

The capacity (or size) of computer memory is the amount of information it can hold. Depending on the case, it can be expressed in the number of bits, bytes (or bytes), or words.

Network speed

The speed of the computer network corresponds to the notion of bandwidth: in the field of computer networks, and more specifically of high-speed internet access, the term “bandwidth” is used to denote the maximum binary rate of a transmission route.


When we talk about the capacity of a computer system, we are referring to its ability to provide the right resources at the right time. Have you ever heard of DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks, or “denial of service attacks”?

In practice, it depends heavily on the number of processors and vCPUs (virtual CPUs, or virtual processors) your system has.