Nowadays, it is no surprise that we can buy anything online. There is plenty of online shopping stores like Lazada, Shopee, and Amazon. Anything we need can be found here from wedding dresses to building materials online in Malaysia. There are also tons of weird stuff being sold online. Here are some of the weirdest stuff that people have found online and some people even bought them. 

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  1. Mystery Box 

This is one of the weirdest and dangerous stuff you can buy online. Just like its name, it is a mystery box that we have no clue what is inside of the box. Many Youtubers have bought this box just to see what is inside of these boxes. They would usually do the unboxing and record their reaction to the stuff inside the box. Some, of the stuff, are pretty weird and creepy. There was this one Youtuber that recorded his reaction and some of the stuff he gets was a bunch of hair, a knife, and more random items. To this day nobody knows what is the purpose of this whole box. 

  1. Haunted Items

Aside from the mystery box that is already creepy and weird. People also sell items that are haunted and cursed online. You can find a lot of haunted and cursed items like a necklace, a doll, or the well-known Dybbuk Box which is a wine cabinet that is claimed to be haunted and cursed by Jewish mythology. Some, of the items, have proven to be haunted and cursed and the people that bought the stuff will usually face the consequences. 

  1. Celebrity Personal Item 

We all have our own favorite celebrity. Whether it is Justin Bieber, BTS, or Katy Perry. Usually, we just love and support them, and sometimes we would buy their album or merchandise. But, some fans decide to take their love to a whole another level by buying their personal items like their hair, their underwear, and also the tissue that they’ve used. As surprising as it sounds, you can find plenty of these items online for different celebrities and the price range for all of these items is just beyond explainable. I guess, some fans really love their celebrity to a whole new level. 

  1. Human’s Soul 

You are not the only person that is confused by this if all the things before this surprise you. This one will leave you confused and wondering how and why? Apparently, some people decided to sell their soul online, and to add to your surprise there are people that are interested to buy this. Luckily after quite some time, an online store like eBay has banned the selling of human soul because there is no physical item being exchange between the 2 parties. 

  1. Mouse In A Jar 

A mouse is probably the least animal that we adore. There are dirty, they carried a lot of bacteria and they also ruined some of the items in our house. However, they are people outside there that see a mouse as an adorable animal and they considered a mouse as a pet. I know, weird right? But, what’s weirder is that when their pet mouse died, they will buy a mouse in ajr to commemorate their pet. Oh, did I tell you that the mouse in a jar is a dead mouse that has been preserved? That is how weird some people are and to remind you there is weirder stuff being sold online.