Have you ever heard of metal deck roofing in your entire life? If you are not in the construction and building industry you might not know what it actually is. Metal roof deck is a structural metal panel designed to give support and function as a structural basis for roofing systems installed on top of the metal deck. It is commonly used for commercial and multi-story structures.

metal deck roofing Malaysia

A metal roof deck is a structural metal panel that provides support and serves as the structural foundation for roofing systems put on top of the metal deck. It is frequently used for commercial and multi-story buildings. Here are some advantages of installing metal deck roofing Malaysia that I can list down:

1.       Low maintenance cost

The amount of maintenance required to maintain a metal roof is typically modest, especially if the roof was properly built. Looking for leaves, branches, and other debris that might become caught on the roof and in the gutters approximately twice a year and after heavy storms would be part of general care. There are techniques to clean your metal roof if dirt or other stains do not come off with rain. In addition, a concealed fastener metal roof requires less maintenance than an exposed fastener metal roof.

2.       Low cost for long-term

Metal roofs are more expensive as a one-time investment than asphalt shingles or tiles. However, as previously said, metal lasts at least 60 years, whereas asphalt shingles last between 15 and 20 years. A metal roof will endure at least three asphalt shingle roofs.

Even if the shingle roof lasted 20 years, you would have to pay for it three times and the metal roof once in a 60-year period, making the metal roof the more cost-effective option.

3.       Longevity

Metal roofing is especially designed to outlast any other roofing material by decades. Actually, many customers eventually opt to buy a metal roof since it will be the only roof they will ever have to install on their house or company. Depending on the type of metal used, most metal roofs can survive for 60 years or more without showing symptoms of deterioration or rust.

Applications for metal deck roofing

1.       Commercial buildings

Metal roofing is widely used in commercial applications such as hospitals and universities because of its better wind and water resistance, particularly in locations where hurricanes or other tropical weather are a problem. Even if the facility is not in a tropical climate, metal roofing provides company and building owners with the assurance that their roof will survive and will not require frequent maintenance.

2.       Architectural projects

Since metal roofing begins as a metal coil or sheet, it may be shaped and cut into a variety of forms, sizes, and lengths. This diversity, along with the durability, colour variety, and eco-friendliness of metal, provides architects with several advantages when designing visually attractive structures.

3.       Residential projects

The residential sector is thriving as homeowners recognize that metal roofing will save them money in the long term. Many homeowners believe that their roof is too small to merit a metal roof, but we are here to inform you that the size of your roof is irrelevant. Metal roofing systems may be utilized on even the smallest of structures, such as a brick or stone mailbox.