When it was coming to nursing it was the most popular course in the medical world as a doctor. Many universities offer diploma in nursing Malaysia. Which is the best to apply for a diploma in nursing Malaysia? Widad University College is the top choice of the students that like to learn about nursing. They give more things for the student because it really helps them to be better. The main reason why Widad is the best place for the students is the free accommodation that they get. 

Not easy to get it for free because other places usually will charge the student for that. Other than that, the way they teach their students is also good. So students from Widad usually have a good job in the future. It was really hard for them to study there and apply what they study to the real world. Even after studying for a diploma in nursing you can future study at the same university or choose to study another place. 

It will be better to continue your study at the same place, they still have an offer for the nursing student. Most of them really like nursing because it can still help most people that feel sick. Nursing is important in the world too because they can help the doctor too. The existence of nurses is needed at hospitals or clinics because they can help the patient. Nurses also are the most patient people in the world because they need to face many types of people. 

Bad thing about being nurse 

Long hours 

The basic shift for the nurse is 12 hours and it was really long at this usually at hospital. That is the reason why we need to respect them even if they are just nurses. The fact is they work to take care of us to be better than before. Also they really help us to take care of our family members if we are busy with work. They are always there for you. Of course with long hours will make them feel tired, all things they will have to face. 

For those who enjoy their work will keep happy about it. Not all people deserve to be a good nurse because it is not an easy job for them. Also they need to survive the shift until the time needed to switch with other people. We can’t get angry at them for any reason because they also feel tired and might not treat you well too. Just keep thanking them for deciding to be a nurse because it was a tough job. 


Being a nurse will get the most stress because there are many types of patients that they need to face. Also they need to be professional to control their stress not letting out to the patient. The smiley faces from the nurse are not leaking and they are really strong people. Even though they feel stressed, they need to hide the feeling and it is hard. It was better for them in their free time to do anything to release all the stress that they feel.