If you are in your final year of college, you might be expected to begin with your internship programme shortly. Some of you may be enthusiastic to embark on this exciting new adventure, while others may be terrified of being surprised by events beyond their expectations. Allow me to reassure you that an industrial training programme may be just the experience you require to expand your career options. Here are a few reasons why an internship is more fascinating than you think.

You Gain First Hand Industrial Experience

If you are not coerced to pursue the course of study you are currently putting your heart and soul into, being able to pursue a profession in that field you are fond of would undoubtedly be one of your greatest life ambitions. To put this in context, if you’re taking a communication degree, you might choose to pursue that job route in the future. Who wouldn’t want to do something that reminds them of what they learnt in university? Being able to participate in an internship allows you to gain first-hand experience in the industry in which you plan to work in the future. Apart from learning theoretical information in university lectures, you can now practicalize them. It’s perfectly typical for the tasks you’re given to differ significantly from what you’ve learned. This is due to the fact that education does not cover all of the issues we will cross paths with in life, which is one of the flaws of a paid education.

You Expand Your Network

Taking part in an internship programme allows you to broaden your network by getting to know people at your company, such as your boss, supervisor, and coworkers. It’s a very eye-opening experience, indeed. If you prove your worth and strength throughout your internship, your prospects of being hired permanently are massive. As a result, despite your status as an intern, put up your best effort, work hard, and show everyone who you actually are. 

You Have The Opportunity To Go Places

Some of us may already have a rental unit near your institution perhaps in Subang, making renting another one difficult. As a result, in order to save money, we take public transportation. Hold your horses while you think that’s a pain. Being on public transportation allows you to enjoy the view while simultaneously listening to your favourite music playlists, which is really fun and convenient. You can also stumble upon locations you had no idea existed before. Suppose you still find it necessary to move near your office and you are financially capable, you may check out houses in Subang to settle down.